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NEB series are a simple but very efficient adiabatic humidifiers that were created for all these environments where humidification is required. They rappresent a sophisticated, robust, advanced yet very cheap humidification solution. NEB humidifiers are self-standing units and don’t need additional equipment such as high-pressure pumps or compressed air. These dehumidifiers comply with ANSI/UL 998 Standard for safety humidifiers.


Some history

The NEB 6500 was developed on the long lasting model NEB 5000 keeping the best features, like efficiency and semplicity, and developing new ones like the small content of water, the electronic adjustment of the capacity, the washing cycle and some more. Then the mini NEB model was developed for smaller rooms: it’s simpler but mantains the most important features of the bigger model like the small basin and the discharge water system. The NEB humidifiers are well know all over Europe and are widely appreciated for their efficiency, for their initial low cost investment, for they low power consumption, and because they are very cheap and easy to maintain.


How it works

The NEB series are adiabatic humidifier that meccanically atomize the water. The water is collected in a very small basin of only 0.12 lbs (55 cm³): this is a very important feature because this means that the humidifier always atomizes fresh water. The water is draw up by a plastic cone that distributes it on a fast rotating disk. Finally the water passes through a teathed ring where is atomized and suffled in the room through the air distributor located on the top of the humidifier. The fine mist produced instantly evaporates in the air humidifying it: as a consequence of the evaporation of the mist a lower temperature in the room is also observed.


Some features

All the brackets and screws for installation are supplied as standard: the units can be installed on the wall or hanged up with chains or ropes (not furnished). The air diffuser can be rotated 360° so that the humidified air flow goes exactly where needed. All you need to install the humidifier is a water source, a water discharge and power supply (see ahead).

NEB 6500 - Hanging installation

NEB 6500 - Hanging installation

NEB 6500 - Wall installation

NEB 6500 - Wall installation

mini NEB NEB 6500 NEB 6500 R
Air filter These humidifiers are equipped with an air filter that avoid the dust and dirty to get inside the dehumidifier, it’s cleanable with air pressure or washable with water. checked checked checked
The water The NEB series humidifiers work with tap (drinkable water from the municipal network) or demineralised water. All inner parts in contact with water are plastic made or stainless steal. The use of any other type of water or liquid is not advisable. checked checked checked
Easy maintenance A regular but easy maintenance is required to keep high the efficiency of the dehumidifier. The standard maintenance requires only to check the air filter and clean it, if necessary. A further inspection can require to clean the water basin and the small water passages where dirt, mud or sand can accumulate and avoid the unit to work properly. All the parts were developed to be easy to reach and disassambled to make easier the maintenance process checked checked checked
External junction box This box was put outside of the humidifier for an easier installation: it receives the power cables and, eventually, the cable of the humidity probe. On mini NEB the junction box is part of the unit and it’s protected by a cover fixed with four screws. checked checked checked
Idraulic washing cycle This is a very important features of the humidifier to keep clean and dry the internal parts when the unit doesn’t work. In mini NEB model, where there isn’t the electronic device, when the motor stops the water contained in the unit drips into the basin and primes the discharge siphon so that all the remaining water is discharged. checked
Automatic washing cycle This is a very important features of the humidifier to keep clean and dry the internal parts when the unit doesn’t work. It is performed automatically by the electronic control at the first start and everytime the unit stops. During the washing cycle the motor stops and the solenoid valve loads water into the basin in order to prime the siphon that will discharge all the water contained in the machine. So, when the humidifier is in stand by the quantity of water inside the unit is really very low and this limits the developement of dangerous bacteria. checked checked
The electronic device This is the core component of the humidifier (NEB 6500 and NEB 6500 only) and perfoms all the tasks like the washing cycle and the normal functioning tasks. It also allows, by positioning some deep switches, to adjust the maximum capacity of the humidifier between 3.3 and 17.0 lbs/hour. It is also possible to connect a simple on-off switch or a timer in place of the humidistat. checked checked
The heating resistance This component is only available on NEB 6500R cETLus model: it is controlled by the electronc board that switches it on automatically when the temperature, inside the unit, drops below 36.5 °F (2.5 °C). The heating resistance is self-regulated so that it never can reach dangerous temperatures. It switches off when the temperature inside the unit rises over 38.3 °F (3.5 °C). checked

What’s inside the box

The following things are available as standard:
• The humidifier, mini NEB, NEB 6500 or NEB 6500R
• The manual with instructions and wiring diagrams
• The wall mounting bracket with screws to fix it to the wall
• The three hang-up installation brackets
• The load pipe, 3.3 ft (1 m) long with G1/4” threads
• The discharge pipe, 3.3 ft (1 m) long.


What you need to install

The following are not included in the package and must be supplied separately:


• A junction box with a power protected main switch, to switch on the humidifier.
• Inside the junction box an ON-OFF switch, for the humidistat contact, or a humidistat control, connected to the humidity probe, is also necessary.
• Cables from this junction box to the junction box of the humidifier.


• Water supply.
• A water discharge.
• On the load pipe a water filter and a valve are strongly raccomanded.

mini NEB - Wall installation

mini NEB - Wall installation

mini NEB - Hanging installation

mini NEB - Hanging installation




Technical data

mini NEB NEB 6500 NEB 6500R
Power supply 120 V, 60 Hz
Rated current 0.12 A 3.0 A 3.8 A, 70 W
Air flow 53 cfm 164.8 cfm 164.8 cfm
Atomization capacity 2.64 lbs/hour 3.3...16.7 lbs/hour 3.3...16.7 lbs/hour
Feed water pressure 14.5...145 psi
Water content 0.12 lbs
Working temperature +33.8...+95 °F +33.8...+95 °F +28.4...+95 °F
Working humidity 0...100 %R.H. (non condensing)
Dry weight 10.9 lbs 38.8 lbs 38.9 lbs


• Cold storage rooms for fruit and vegetables
• Tobacco industry
• Textile industry
• Industrial printing
• Wine cellars
• Seasoning rooms
• Greenhouses