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Garage of classic cars



We are within a large garage where it is stored with care and attention a magnificent private collection of classic cars: they range from Maserati Quattroporte II of the 1979 to Ferrari 330 GT of 1966 and slipping down through the decades they go to the '30s and '20s, where names like Ford, Itala, Isotta Fraschini, Diatto and many others have made the history of cars that here may in part be traced by observing these beautiful models. The passion for these cars, the desire to keep active and in good order these jewels, the need to conserve as much as possible the original components requires that every necessary action is taken to ensure that such beauty and hard work will not be ruined by time.

The humidity is a characteristic of certain environments that, if left untreated, can lead to irreversible damages: painting, textiles, leather, seals, special wood, very common on these cars, especially on the older ones, may be seriously damaged by moisture. If excessive, can lead to mold growth up to the total ruin of fabrics and finishes, as well, in severe cases, can cause the onset of rust on the bodywork.

Came to us until today thanks to the passion and continuous commitment of the owner who restores and maintains them through the years, they surely deserve to be preserved as much as possible and kept in the best way. A good dehumidifier, such as those produced by CUOGHI s.r.l., can help in this task because it helps maintain moisture at proper levels in environments that host these valuable objects with the least expenditure of power. Wall mounted or on wheels, powerful and quiet, it activates automatically when it detects an humidity value higher than the set. As soon as the moisture back to the desired levels dehumidifier turns off and remains waiting for it to recreate the conditions necessary for its operation. Upon request, each model can be equipped with a pump that discharges automaticamentel'acqua removed from the environment.

CUOGHI designs and manufactures dehumidifiers for over 30 years with the same care and attention given by the collector for restoration: the experience gained over time, the quality and efficiency of these appliances can solve the problems of excessive moisture that daily occur in many environments. If you want more information do not hesitate to contact us, we will be at your disposal to solve moisture problems and to suggest the most appropriate solution for your needs.


Garage of classic cars Garage of classic cars