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Cheese making


The cheese making process begins with the coagulation of the milk in large copper containers, which forms a single mass due to the caseous granules precipitating during cooking.

In the next phase, the cooked coagulated mass is closed in a wood or metal cheese mould, or “fascera”,  which gives it its typical shape.

The aim of this phase is to give shape and compactness and to eliminate part of the whey from the caseous mass, and the air humidity level in the room must be kept high to prevent the external surface drying too quickly, which would cause cracking and affect the quality of the cheese. This phase may last two or three days, and is followed by salting in a brine bath: the cheese is salted by osmosis giving flavour to the cheese and eliminating more whey. After 15-20 days, the forms are extracted from the bath and a new drying phase begins in the room at 30°C and with 80% of relative humidity. Once again, even though it is a drying phase, the humidity level must be kept high in the room to obtain a form and compact cheese with no cracking.

Finally the ripening phase begins, which lasts at least 12 months.

The Pelloni Dairy, which produces unique top quality cheese, like Parmigiano Reggiano, has chosen Cuoghi NEB 6500 humidifiers to produce the humidity in the cheese processing rooms, given their high level reliability, ease of use and efficiency. In fact, the NEB 6500 produces a very fine mist that evaporates in the air and humidifies the room, with no need for expensive high pressure pumps or compressed air. The simple construction and low maintenance needs, guarantee long lasting problem free periods of work with low running costs. The ordinary maintenance takes just a few hours every year: it is sufficient to clean the inside components and the air filter to restore the humidifier to its original capacity and efficiency.


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