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Humidity in basement storages of clothes stores



A problem that the owners of shops located downtown in historical cities, is to maintain the room where the clothes are stored adequately dehumidified. Those rooms are usually located in the basement of the building itself.

Those buildings are very old, and even if well restored during time, it is not possible to fully insulate and condition those lower rooms, being too expensive or too complex. Sometimes it is also not possible due to the historical value of the building itself, that does not allow modification with more modern matherials.

The consequence is that in these rooms the humidity tends to accumulate in the air both because of infiltration from the ground, and for  the lack of air exchange with the outside; over time this will cause damage to plaster, walls and all stored materials.

This problem may occur even in new and properly insulated buildings due to particular climatic conditions, as rainy weather for long periods, or not appropriate treatment of internal air.

A special case is in summer, when the warm, moist air coming from the outside goes in the basement; being the room temperature lower than that outside, the air cools down, thus increasing the relative humidity value, and resulting in most extreme cases even in condensation phenomena.

A cloth preserved in a room with excessive moisture tends to take a bad smell, and apart from not making a good impression to the customers who review it, in the long term can be damaged to the point of not being possible to sell it.

The company CUOGHI srl provides its MIDI series dehumidifiers from a long time to help with these issues, solving all the problems related to excess moisture in a simple, effective and definitive way, allowing shopkeepers to keep their clothes well preserved while maintaining the high quality features valued by their customers.

Entirely designed and manufactured in Italy in Albignasego (PD) those dehumidifiers are designed to work continuously for years, and guarantee a total protection to the customer against damage that may result from excessive moisture in the environment, thus protecting the environment itself and everything that is stored in it.


Humidity in basement storages of clothes stores Humidity in basement storages of clothes stores Humidity in basement storages of clothes stores