Nader and Nader midi domestic dehumidifiers are refrigerating circuit devices that when introduced into the environment to be dehumidified, recirculate the air lowering gradually the humidity level to the desired value. Decreasing the air humidity it gradually withdraws the humidity from the walls and all the materials in the room too. All models work with ecological refrigerant gases (R134a or R407c).

The body is entirely made with pre-coated galvanized steel: the robustness of the refined metal and gray colour makes the dehumidifier suitable for many domestic environments. The frame, also made of galvanized steel, gives to the dehumidifiers quality and durability over time. The unique design is made to optimize the space occupied by the dehumidifier: air is sucked from the front to be flushed back from the top and this allows to put the machine against the wall even between two pieces of furniture.

All our domestic dehumidifiers are designed and thoroughly tested, the individual components that constitute the engine of the dryer itself, have been selected thinking to efficiency and durability. The use of low-power fans on all models and rotary compressors (on Nader, Nader midi 2, Nader midi 3) has helped to reduce power consumption and maximize performance.

The new and modern control, with the electronic humidistat, as standard on all models, optimizes the use of the dryer by running it only when needed. The dynamic defrost function also minimizes the time required to remove any ice from the heat exchanger, function necessary to maintain a high level of efficiency even at lower temperatures.

The water removed from the air is collected in the tank: the tank of each model is equipped with a floating device that stops the dehumidifier when full. The tank is also fitted with a lid overflow: due to this characteristic emptying can be done safely without any risk of spreading water on the floor. All machines are designed as standard for easy, fast and elegant installation, of the continuous discharge: the convenience of not having to empty the tank alongside the security of the floating device that, in case of malfunction of the discharge will stop the dehumidifier when the reservoir is full. Once installed it will no longer need to manually empty the tank and the dehumidifier will work fully automatic.

This component is available as standard on all models. The air filter prevents dirt from reaching the heat exchangers and thus takes the high efficiency of the machine over time. The filter is easily removable for cleaning: it can be cleaned with a vacuum, compressed air or, at worst, well washed in water.

The machines can be customized on request. For example in addition to the continuous drainage, it's available the water pump that allows to evacuate the condensed water lifting it even of a few meters. This will allow you to automatically flow the condensed water in places that are higher than where the dehumidifier was located.