This dehumidifier is the flagship of the Yard series. With its extremely high dehumidification capacity of 80 L/24h, it is designed for the most demanding conditions, and where a fast dehumidification action is required without compromises. High power, with easy transportability, stackability and simplicity of use. Due to its high dehumidification capacity, this model does not have a condensate tank, instead it has a pratical water discharge hose connector placed on the side of the machine at a height of 35cm from the ground.

Nader Yard pro Nader Yard pro Nader Yard pro Nader Yard pro Nader Yard pro
Power Supply Capacity Absorbed Power Handling Volume Weight
230 V, 50 Hz * 81 L/24hours * 1050 W 800 m³ 59.7

* at 30°C, 80 %R.H..
The above data are indicative and subject to change without notice.