This dehumidifier is installed on the wall of the room to be dehumidified with the brackets that are supplied as standard. The setting can be made by the user easily through a pratical "soft touch" buttons panel, that can be optionally remotely installed. The wiring is designed to operate the machine quickly and to manage all the accessories available, and include as standard a humidity and a temperature sensor, both remotable if needed. Thanks to the new electronic control, the machine can be used to dehumidify or recirculate the air, and, in case the optional heating accessories are fitted, to heat the room. Those functions can be executed all together or separatlely on needs. The exclusive and elegant line easily adapts to all environments, like swimming pools, wellness centers, museums, storages.

SP-32 SP-32
Power Supply Capacity Absorbed Power Handling Volume Weight
230 V, 50 Hz * 32 L/24hours * 700 W n.d. 57 Kg

* at 28°C, 60 %R.H..
The above data are indicative and subject to change without notice.