This adiabatic humidifier is ideal for those seeking a modern and efficient equipment with lower maintenance costs. The advanced control system allows you to adjust the capacity from 1.5 L/hour up to 6.5 L/hour. The machine is equipped with a very small water basin of only 0.055 L, about the size of a glass, which is emptied automatically when the machine stops: in this way the amount of water remaining in the humidifier is minimized and therefore are minimal the possibility of formation of mold and harmful bacteria.

NEB 6500 is an adiabatic humidifier that  can be completed with the heating resistance that allows it to work down to -2 °C. In fact, a typical application of this device is the cell storage of fruits and vegetables. The machine comes standard with all necessary brackets for installation, both hung and on the wall, and can also work with demineralized water.

Adiabatic humidifier Cuoghi NEB 6500 Adiabatic humidifier Cuoghi NEB 6500 hanging Adiabatic humidifier Cuoghi NEB 6500 technical specs
Power Supply Capacity Absorbed Power Handling Volume Weight
230 V, 50 Hz 1,5 ... 6,5 L/hours 220 W (290 W with heater) 280 m³/hour 17,6 Kg