This model was developed for the humidification of the cold cells in a controlled atmosphere and for all applications where the access to the device for maintenance may be difficult or even dangerous. This model consists of two components: the humidifier NEB, which contains within it the minimum components needed to atomize the water, and the framework of regulation and water supply that is located outside the cell. Each box can feed up to two humidifiers and contains all the components that may require more frequent maintenance. In this way, were reduced to the minimum all the components that are inside the cell and consequently also the possibility that an intervention is required on the machine itself. Are maintained and extended all the most important properties of NEB 6500 as emptying the water basin at the end of the humidification cycle and the capacity regulation.

NEB 6500 AtC NEB 6500 AtC NEB 6500 AtC NEB 6500 AtC
Power Supply Capacity Absorbed Power Handling Volume Weight
230 V, 50 Hz 1,0 ... 6,5 L/hour (12 L/hour with two units) 230 W/unit (300 W/unit with heater) 280 m³/hour each unit n.d.